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 Valpolicella Wine Pyramid

Valpolicella and Amarone

Sunday, January 21, 2018

4 p.m.

 Home of Carter and Karen Glass

North Raleigh

 Presenter: Carter Glass


Valpolicella is a district in northeastern Italy's Veneto viticultural region, and ranks just after Chianti in total Italian DOC red wine production.  Its fortunes, however, have waned since the 1970s and 1980s when commercials for one of the biggest brands, Bolla, played regularly on radio and television.  

Back then, seemingly ever-increasing sales prompted the planting of more vineyards, many in poorer sites, to the point that wine quality, and thus the area’s reputation, suffered.  So this once ubiquitous wine now seems kind of absent on the world stage; but make no mistake, today’s offerings are worthy of attention.  

From the lighter, fruity standard Valpolicella – often compared to Beaujolais and likewise intended to be drunk young – to Amarone, a hearty style built for aging, there is something for every taste and budget.  We will be tasting six of these wines, two of which will be Amarones.

Join us to explore just what the area’s wines have to recommend them.

Please bring a dish of your choice or a bottle of wine to share after the tasting. Remember to label your dish if it contains any of the following ingredients: anchovies, coconut, mustard, cheese, garlic, onions, or gluten. 

It is not suggested that you avoid bringing a dish that contains one or more of these ingredients, only that you label such a dish (for example, Contains Mustard) as a courtesy to those who are allergic to any of these ingredients, are forbidden by dietary considerations from consuming them, or just don’t care to eat them. Keep in mind that foodstuffs may have “hidden ingredients,” such as garlic in barbecue sauce and salad dressing, or gluten in soy sauce. The label is a way to help attendees make a responsible choice about what they choose to eat.


Registration Deadline:     January 12, 2018

Seating Limit:                   24 (Get your check in early)

Registration:                     Check for $15 per person payable to:

                                          "Triangle Chapter AWS"

Send to:                                         Sue Ohmann

                                                       8701 Mourning Dove Road

                                                       Raleigh, NC 27615                                       

We look forward to seeing you there!

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