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With rare exceptions, tastings are generally on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4 pm.  Most tastings are open to the public (up to 3 guest visits), but selected tastings may be reserved for members or have members-first enrollments. 

Date Topic Location (Raleigh unless specified) Host Presenter(s)

Announcement Date

Latest Registration

January 18 Winter Wines Triangle Wine Company Mark/Helen Spain Karen Stapleton 12-24-14 1-14-15
February 15
(Valentines day weekend)
Wine and Chocolate Moncsko Home
Bob/Cindy Moncsko Bob Moncsko
How to Pair
Tasting List
Wine/Choc. Paring Matrix
Trivia Quiz
1-21-15 2-06-15
March 14 Wine Dinner (Members only) Zinda
(Downtown Raleigh)
Zinda Zinda
Dinner Menu
2-18-15 3-06-15
April 19 Greek Wines Buenzli Home
(Wake Forest)
Mary Kay Buenzli Ira Blumenthal
Greek Wines
3-25-15 4-10-15
April 26 Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Peak Olive Oil Company (Cary) Bob Moncsko Sandra Reynolds
Balsamics & oils
Peak Olive Oil Co.
4-06-15 4-24-15
May 17 Costičres de Nīmes Wines Ward Farm
Cathy/Jim Ward Jim Ward
Tasting List
4-22-15 5-08-15
June 21
(Fathers Day)
Cider/Perry Buczak Home
(North Raleigh)
Shirley/Jerzy Buczak Jerzy Buczak
Tasting List
5-27-15 6-12-15
July 19 Wagner Family of Wines Woodcroft (Durham) Ira Blumenthal & Mark & Helen Spain Tommy Goff
Tasting List
6-24-15 7-10-15
August 16 National Tasting
(Austrian & Hungarian Wines) Joint / North Wake
The Preserve
(Wake Forest)
Susan/Bob Mark Spain
Tasting List
7-22-15 8-07-15
September 20 Napa Wines
CA. vs France
The Preserve Kathy Conn Kathy Conn
Wine List
CA vs FR Presentation
8-26-15 9-11-15
October 18 Pinot Noir Spain Home
(North Raleigh)
Helen/Mark Spain Mark Spain
Wine Desc.
9-23-15 10-09-15
November 15 Barolo vs. "Barolo of the South"
Brack Home
(North Raleigh)
Kathy/Fred Brack Jim Ward
Wine List
Wine Presentation and WEB Links
10-21-15 11-06-15
December 13 Sparkling Wines Glass Home (Raleigh) Karen/Carter Glass Carter Glass 11-18-15 12-04-15

Note:  The above schedule is tentative.  We expect most events to occur on the dates and times indicated; but if we have an "opportunity," we may preempt an event for a new topic!

Note2: Registration for each event opens after event notifications are sent to chapter members. Typically 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

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